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Digitize your Lost & Found Management

August 30 2022

If there’s one area of customer service that is often overlooked which definitely shouldn’t be, it’s lost & found. Guests lose things regularly but just because it happens so often does not mean that it should be treated lightly.


A hotel’s lost & found management process can seriously affect brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right policies, procedures and staff training in place so that when this issue arises, staff are informed and know exactly what to do in the situation.




Keeping track of lost & found items can be troublesome particularly if they are in large numbers and done manually. Hotel Managers have increasingly started to adopt digital solutions to help them in this area. Hotel operations software assists Hotel Managers to improve their hotel operations and lost and found management is no exception.


After finding a lost item, reporting it into a software system such as Snapfix can be extremely beneficial. In Snapfix, you can easily create a “Lost & Found” group and take photos of the found items. In the notes field you can input all the relevant details such as location, date and time, of when and where the item was found. Tags, such as valuable, non-valuable, perishable, liquor, etc…can be assigned to them and help categorize the items. This way once a guest calls to ask about lost property, all the lost & found items can be easily checked on your phone or desktop without having to physically go to the designated lost & found storage space and waste time checking all the items. 




Hotel Managers are always looking for ways to automate all areas of their operations and what better way to automate lost & found than with an AI based software system which integrates with shipping. 


An example of this type of software is BOUNTE who we interviewed at the HITEC event. The BOUNTE smartphone app uses AI image recognition to identify and log items, while an integrated shipping wizard handles the secure returns process and labeling.


The end-to-end process is simple and seamless: an employee takes a photo of the item, the app’s AI identifies the image, adds it to the hotel’s digital lost and found and auto-tags with detailed descriptors. A GPS map pinpoints the location of where the item was found. The item is then placed in a BOUNTE bag (can be customized with a company’s logo), sealed and the bag’s barcode is scanned with the smartphone app. An integrated shipping wizard automates the return procedure for the guest with an easy-to-use purchasing process, removing this operational risk from the hotel.


Their software claims to “streamline operations from start to finish, enhancing productivity, convenience, and loyalty.” BOUNTE works with hotels, universities, airports, casinos, convention centers, water parks, and much more.


As well as making the lost & found process easier and more efficient, BOUNTE also has a package management app called BOUNTE PT which aims to organize the chaos in hotel mailrooms. The app streamlines guest package management safely by capturing and storing parcel details and allowing staff to run reports as well as checking the status of each parcel.


With both the lost & found and parcel tracking technology, BOUNTE offers two creative revenue streams so there is an opportunity to earn money, all while using BOUNTE!




  • Keeps Everything In One Place
  • It’s Easy to Use
  • Creates Order Through Meaningful Features
  • Saves Time
  • Mitigates Reputational Damage


If you would like to see more of our HITEC interviews please check out the Snapfix YouTube channel here.

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