Create a Scheduled Task

There are two ways to start a scheduled task:

Create a schedule from scratch 

1) Navigate to the Schedule tab

2) Tap the blue 'New schedule' button

3) Complete the steps on the Create Schedule screen

Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 09.41.25

Create a schedule based on a task
  1. Open the task you’d like to schedule (if you don’t have one, you’d need to create one first)

  2. Ensure it has one or more user is associated with it

  3. In the three-dot overflow menu, select Schedule task

  4. Parts of the task such as group, title, image, tags, users will automatically be populated. 

  5. Choose the start date, if a tasks repeats.

  6. Once done, and if it should end and hit Save

  7. The task will appear on the appropriate dates, to the associated users within the group as well as on the schedule view.